Corporate Social Responsibility

Fueltrade Ltd. (FTL) has always striven to fulfill the expectations of the society because Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forms part of our overall objectives and core values. As a socially responsible organisation, we recognise society both as a stakeholder and our relationship with the community as a social contract for which reason, Fueltrade has juxtaposed CSR by its economic interests.


Over the years, our never-ending CSR process which has been carefully integrated in every part of our organisation has seen FTL committing more and more effort and resources towards local and environmental support, both for our communities and other institutions across the nation. This Corporate Community Relations (CCR) has developed to the level where we consider the socio-cultural context of society very critical to our existence as Fueltrade works tirelessly to become the leading most efficiently integrated downstream and upstream company.

Nationwide Campaign On LPG Safety 

Aug 20, 2011

Akuapem Gyaseman Odwira Festival

September 17, 2011

Ghana Police Service

April 2011

November 21, 2011

Akuapem Gyaseman Odwira Festival

September 17, 2014

Amanokrom, Akuapem Teacher of the Year Award

July 2015

Remar Ghana Home
May 2018

Water storage has been one of the most fundamental needs of the youth at the Remar Ghana Home at Kejebil in the Western Region. In view of this, Fueltrade in May 2018, donated a jumbo Polytank to the centre to resolve this challenge.

Father's Home Care Ministries
June 2018

As part of Fueltrade’s CSR activities in the Western Region, the company made donations of babies’ essentials to Father’s Home Care Ministries, a children’s orphanage at Anto near Beposo in June 2018.

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